The DMT Archives

Events at the Theatre

During the past 37 plus years there have been at least 369 shows at the theatre and over 3792 total performances. This includes musical and non-musical shows produced locally (with only a couple of shows brought in from elsewhere), youth plays, concerts, dance recitals, awards ceremonies, and other special events.

Here are the figures:

Type of Event Number of Such Events Number of Performances
Plays 140 1974
Musicals 85 1424
Youth Plays 8 22
Concerts 106 333
Dance Recitals 4 4
Awards Ceremonies 13 13
Other Special Events 13 22

You can view lists of events ordered either by date or by title.

Several times the theatre community has held awards ceremonies to honor outstanding contributions by volunteers. You can view the nominated people and shows.

For a fun way to look back at shows of the past, check out the random slideshow of pictures from past productions.